Automation Addiction

Write up from Mofohifi Records:

Automation Addiction is the stunning debut album from Los Angeles based painter and musician Max Neutra. Assembled over 10 years using a surreal array of musical toys and hacked electronics.  Created in splendid isolation from the commercial pressures of radio playlists, record reviews and DJ chart returns, Automation Addiction is a deeply personal expression of one man’s escapist love of electronic sounds, creating something simultaneously bizzare and leftfield yet also endearing and engaging.

Prepare to enter a unique world where naive bleeps and perky melodies mingle with circuit broken chaos and sci-fi madness, telling a story of mankind’s relationship with technology, and his place in the cosmos; where computers can love, where humans send cosmic greetings into space, and where one day, the aliens may come to us, in search of our music.

The record is the perfect late night come-down soundtrack after a night of partying. Put it on on headphones in the dark. Play it in the car as you travel back from the club. Enter the world of Automation Addiction…